Project, October 2015–December 2015

Live, Work Latrobe

Client, Latrobe City Council

Live, Work Latrobe project aims to provide a long term plan for Latrobe City, setting a direction for future growth; recognising and protecting its assets; and planning to respond to the changing industry and employment opportunities for the region. Specifically, the project will develop three long term strategies to guide future housing, industrial land use and employment, and rural land use in the municipality.

Capire was engaged to undertake community and stakeholder engagement to understand the aspirations, opportunities and challenges for the Latrobe municipality through a series of community workshops, drop in sessions, one on one meetings and an online survey. The engagement approach had a strong focus on engaging with people who would not normally participate in a strategic land use discussion. Capire actively went to areas in the municipality to seek out the views of people who would be considered hard to reach because of their socio economic status, age or cultural background. Capacity building of the community members to understand the complex challenges and opportunities facing the municipality was another key component of the engagement approach.

As a result of the engagement approach, Capire gathered really diverse and informed feedback that represented a wide range of views and aspirations from the community that goes beyond the voices of the squeaky wheels. Capire’s engagement findings report has directly informed a Policy Directions Paper that sets the strategic intent for the development of the three strategies.