Project, 2014–2014

Growth Areas Social Planning Tool

Client, City of Whittlesea

The Growth Areas Social Planning Tool creates a clear pathway for local governments to coordinate social planning for growth areas, along with any stakeholders who engage in community building activities.

In response to inadequate social infrastructure in Melbourne’s growth areas, Victorian growth area councils came together with agency stakeholders to improve the coordination of planning and delivery. The Growth Areas Social Planning Tool is the answer to this challenge – an online tool that guides practitioners through the steps of planning.

The City of Whittlesea asked Capire to develop this tool. Together with industry stakeholders, we developed a flexible and dynamic tool to guide the building of strong communities and liveable neighbourhoods. The tool connects users with information such as the social resources that are needed, the timeframes, how resources should be delivered and to whom.

The interactive website is an approachable and coherent introduction to the needs of new communities, how to articulate a vision of community wellbeing, establish guiding principles, and providing resources. A liveable community for growth areas has been brought within reach.

The Social Planning Tool