Project, 2013–2013

Frankston Community Plan and Vision

Client, Frankston City Council

The community of Frankston’s long-term vision and aspirations for their city is captured in The Frankston City Council Community Plan and Vision, which highlights priorities for residents and Council to work together.

The project identified the health and wellbeing priorities of the community, focused on the population growth and housing needs of the city, explored community infrastructure service standards and discussed the implementation of local area plans. Capire was asked by Frankston City Council to seek community input in helping to shape the city’s future.

Capire opened the conversation by facilitating a large community workshop which informed stakeholders about the ways they could contribute, identified community priorities, and reflected on implementation of the 2025 vision. A diverse cross section of community was invited to ensure a broad range of perspectives and aspirations were discussed.

To close the loop and maintain trust, it was critical that community stakeholders were updated about how their contributions informed decision-making for the Community Plan, the Health and Wellbeing Plan, Service Planning and the Municipal Strategic Statement.

The Frankston Community Plan and Vision