Project, 2016–2016

Acland Street Upgrade

Client, City of Port Phillip, Public Transport Victoria, Yarra Trams

The City of Port Phillip, Public Transport Victoria and Yarra Trams worked in partnership to revitalise the streetscape and upgrade the tram terminus located on Acland Street, St Kilda. As part of the Route 96 Upgrade Project, the works were part of the end-to-end upgrade of Route 96 and were critical to improving the network of Melbourne’s busiest tram route. The upgrade provided Council with the opportunity to revitalise the streetscape of Acland Street which had not been refreshed since the 1990s.

The design for Acland Street sought to seamlessly integrate a pedestrian friendly streetscape with a new level-access Route 96 tram terminus, and align with the principles of the Acland Street Streetscape Framework Plan and community feedback from the 2015 consultation process. Its unique tram shelters and circle paving pattern aimed to ensure the street remains a distinctive place and reflects what people said was important about St Kilda.

Capire worked closely with the project team to design and deliver the methodology to communicate the final design for the upgrade and the construction program to traders, residents and visitors. Engagement and communication tools included a project website, drop in sessions, visits and briefings with all traders throughout the duration of the project, weekly email updates and regular letterbox distributions, precinct advertising and promotion including posters on the routes 96 and 16 trams. Works to revitalise the Acland Street streetscape and upgrade the tram terminus has now been completed.

The integrated place-based urban design has created space for all to enjoy local art, culture, performances and pop-up events, while improving the safety, comfort, capacity, reliability and accessibility of Route 96. Construction of the Acland Street Upgrade took approximately three months with a total of 350 construction crew members working for over 22,100 hours on site.